Frequent Questions about our Drop Boxes

  • Q. How much will the box weigh? A. Our standard rates are calculated to provide a disposal allowance that meets the average mixed debris weight for each size box. Heavy materials such as composition roofing, concrete, brick, or dirt will generally increase load weights to exceed stated limits. When a box requires additional weight charges, customers will receive a weight slip copy from the disposal site included with their bill.
  • Q. What type of material cannot be put into the box? A. Any material that is hazardous is not permitted to be disposed in a drop box. No products marked caution, poisons, toxic, flammable, or combustible are permitted. Examples of these materials include: paints, pesticides, herbicides, poisons, waste motor oil, antifreeze, automotive fluids, and household chemicals.
  • Q. Are there any other charges? A. Yes. There is an extra charge for all major appliances, computers and monitors, tires, and car batteries.
Contact our staff with any additional questions you have about our containers.